Mat solutions and fast floor-cleaners


Mireille’s mat solutions!

Mireille has built up a reputation as the best entrance mat supplier in Belgium over the last few years!  The punctuality of our service and the quality of the entrance mats and image carpets ensures that we live up to that reputation each day.  Mireille can also offer a variety of other mat solutions in-house, such as, shower mats for changing rooms and swimming pools, weatherproof mats for outdoor use, walking strip carpeting for walking/running for sports centres, red carpets, etc. - in short, different solutions for different needs! 

Care, cleanliness, appearance, safety, etc. characteristic of Mireille’s mat solutions. 







Fast floor-cleaners for all floors!

Fast floor-cleaners are designed to quickly clean the floors of warehouses, storage areas and shops. Concrete floors, tiled floors, epoxy floors, etc.

The impregnated fast floor-cleaners absorb both coarse dirt as well as fine dust.  The fast floor-cleaners are available in 2 qualities and three sizes, namely 50, 75 or 100 cm wide. A 30 cm handheld wiper is also available!

Convenient and efficient!
The hinged handle makes the system highly manoeuvrable. The fast floor-cleaner easily cleans under racks or shelves and in all corners as well. Floor-cleaners sweep faster and better than any other floor-sweeping system, without causing dust to swirl around.  

A free test!

Experience the benefits of the fast floor-cleaner first-hand: you will have clean floors in no time. 

Call or mail ( us to test one or more fast floor-cleaners for one full week - totally free of cost. Our team will provide you with professional advice to help you use the right floor-cleaners.