Organise service together with your customised webshop !

Check fit, order and shop! 

For taking measurements for work clothing and for work shoes, we provide fitting instructions as well as size series. We provide assistance and advice wherever required. Mail ordering is of course possible, but you can also order via a customised webshop that we prepare and develop for each of our customers! This ensures quick and error-free ordering via the Mireille webshop.




Or possibly you would like a subscription under which work gloves and PPE will be delivered to you?‚Äč

By subscribing for the delivery of work gloves and PPE, Mireille wants to ensure that the customer receives stocks of work gloves and PPE well in time according to an agreed Y x 7-day periodic schedule according to the terms of the subscription. As a supplier, Mireille undertakes to keep items in stock for at least 2 subsequent deliveries. As a possible delivery frequency, any multiple of 7 is possible. The delivery frequency per item may vary and the customer may modify the same during the course of the cooperation - without any loss of Mireille’s delivery reliability.  



The Mireille webshop: your assistant!

The Mireille webshop is prepared in consultation with the customer, in order to enable the customer to extract the maximum benefit from the webshop due to the comfort level experienced by the customer when using the webshop. The Mireille webshop will act like a quick and well-prepared assistant when you order items selected from the Mireille range of work clothes, work shoes, work gloves and other PPE. Fast and correct orders without searching! This assistant also helps you smoothly manage the list of your employees. You can learn all about your assistant in just five minutes. We will help you in that too!