Personal Protective Equipment

Safe working conditions are important and personal protective equipment is therefore essential! The Mireille PPE catalogue lists the most frequently requested PPE.

  • Head protection & image
  • Hearing protection & image
  • Eye and face protection & image
  • Respiratory protection & image
  • Arm and hand protection & image
  • Disposable clothing & image

Mireille staff would be happy to listen to your questions and requirements and to work out a suitable PPE solution in consultation with you. We often offer free testing for work gloves, since apart from applicable standards, subjective user feeling is crucial in making a choice.

We add the selected PPE to the webshop customised according to the customer’s requirements, or we agree on a delivery via a subscription form. After all, ease of ordering and delivery reliability is what really matter to you.

PPE dispensing machine?

Are you using up too much of your budget or too much time on order picking for PPE? Would you like 24/7 PPE availability for your employees? A dispensing machine may be the solution for you!” PPE can easily be supplied to your employees via a dispensing machine. The employee will identify himself with his personal badge and will select the required PPE.

If you are interested, please contact us via!