Sale and maintenance of work shoes

With no less than nine brands, Mireille maintains a wide-ranging stock of leather work shoes! Mireille therefore always has a suitable solution ready at hand in-house, and can deliver several models from stock.

We also offer a comprehensive range of boots!‚Äč


Would you like a few tips for the “daily” maintenance of your work shoes?

Apply leather grease to your leather work shoes regularly, to make them last longer. This keeps the leather supple. Always allow wet work shoes to dry slowly, stuff them with old newspapers if required, but never dry them by heating - this hardens the leather. Rest your work shoes from time to time and to allow perspiration to evaporate; if you have two pairs of well-groomed work shoes, it often has a 1 + 1 = 3 effect on the service life of the shoes. 


Shoe recycling, did you say?

With its shoe recycling service, Mireille nv ensures that work shoes for industry, for the food sector, and for interim, student and temporary workers, are ready for the next round on the work floor. For the food sector with its high standards, the shoe recycling service offers a clean and practical solution for soiled shoes and shoe soles. Mireille provides its customers with shoe bags for collecting used and dirty pairs of shoes. 

Mireille then carries out the necessary maintenance on the work shoes, and food safety shoes and boots. The pairs of recycled work shoes are packed with a size indication on the packaging. 

Non-recyclable work shoes are delivered to an authorised collection service at cost price on behalf of all customers.