Textile care

Mireille has more to offer than you think!

Mireille has built up a great reputation over the years, but we’ve noticed that our B2B customers and prospects are not yet fully familiar with the full range of services, products, and solutions that Mireille has to offer. Cleaning mats, fast floor cleaners, maintenance and sales of work clothes, sales and maintenance of work gloves and other PPE, changing room equipment, hygiene, etc.  

Segmentation, you say?

Segmentation is an important concept in the agreements with, and for, our customers. This is how we try to create an effective and efficient combination of services, products, and organisation. As a customer, you will benefit from this in terms of advice and service.


Diligent care is our keyword!








Mireille has 5 washing zones in which work clothes are cleaned with specific attention to the nature of the clothes and of the soiling they have undergone. The work clothes are pre-sorted by type and by the type of the soiling. Specific points of attention as required by each customer are linked to the customer number. More than 100 different programmed wash programs provide tailor-made maintenance across clothing categories like overalls, work vests, work trousers, dust coats, windcheaters, high-visibility clothing, multi protector work clothes, t-shirts, sweaters, presentation outfits, etc.