Work clothes

If you have the choice!

A growing number of production companies, service providers, municipalities and retailers now engage Mireille for maintaining their work clothes. During initial interviews, we obtain a clear understanding of the nature of the customer’s operations and the type of organisation. We propose a free trial wash - this enables us to decide on which wash program will be best suited to the type of soiling of your work clothes, while as a customer, you will be provided with a direct experience of Mireille’s approach, and of the finishing of the work clothes.





You can look forward to 70,000 pieces of work clothes each week!

In 2019, we finished implementing investments exceeding 2 million euros. We also increased the warehouse capacity for work clothes, work shoes and personal protection materials, and thanks to this expansion, Mireille is confident of handling 70,000 pieces of work clothes each week. The organisation and employees are fully prepared in every respect to deal with this increase in the volume of work clothes that we handle each week.